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“At Kytec, we know our products and services intimately, positioning us to produce the best customer result."

We’re an ICT organisation renowned for getting it done, and getting it done right. At Kytec, we believe that every client is different, and every challenge is unique. That’s why we’re big
believers in Practical Wisdom.

Practical Wisdom is the theory that while rules are important, and processes are necessary, they must only be a platform for growth and further discovery: we can’t solely rely on how things have been done in the past to achieve the best outcomes.

So when a new challenge arises, we get to know the situation well enough to gather insight, and then create new, effective solutions.

We call this the Kytec way.


4 Points of Difference 

We have 4 internal service pillars that drive the way we succeed every day.

Results, not restrictions: unlike larger organisations, we’re willing to around restrictive processes to get the job done.

Do it right: if we can’t do it right, we won’t do it, and we’ll make sure our clients know why.

Tailor-made: where bigger companies have cookie-cutter answers, we offer a boutique service.

The extra mile: for us, it’s all about delivering what the client needs when they need it.


The Team

Our people are defined by our two distinct skills: a highly-specialised understanding and technical knowledge of a particular field, and a work methodology highly-attuned to client requirements and collaborative problem solving.

Our specialists’ expertise centres around our 4 primary practices — Collaboration and Video, Networking and Security, Contact Centre, and Cloud & Data Centre — while our Managed Support team provide our customers with a unique and distinctly human approach to support and maintenance.


Connecting the Dots

Our business is built on partnerships. Partnerships with our customers, partnerships within our divisions, and partnerships with some of the most trusted names in the industry, in particular Telstra and Cisco.

Kytec were awarded Telstra Enterprise Partner of the Year for Unified Communications 2013 and recently became a Cisco Silver Partner together with accolade of being Telstra largest Cisco TBS Partner.



  • Extend & Encourage

    Continually learn, apply knowledge, teach & grow others


    We know it is impossible for people to learn or know everything, so there is value in learning from others and sharing the knowledge that you possess. This intentional collation and dispersion of information, will keep us at the forefront of the market. 

  • Commit & Contribute

    Long term thinking

    No one knows everything - not even us! That is why we actively encourage the entire team to participate daily, inputting into business decisions and customer solutions and introducing new concepts and technologies so that we can be better, together.

  • Strive & Succeed

    Set goals, plan, self assess, reflect, improve & celebrate

    We recognise that success is not a one way street, it is an ever moving target. This doesn't mean that we we do not celebrate our achievements along the way, but remain distinctly aware that success requires constant pursuance of self-improvement.

  • Reinforce & Inspire

    Live the culture, love what you do & inspire others 

    The entire team is encouraged to always think about the Kytec Way. We know we are only as strong as our weakest link and need all team members working together to demonstrate the Kytec Way at every opportunity.

  • Collaborate & Co-Create

    Build successful partners that challenge the status quo

    We recognise that collaboration & co-creation are the secrets to delivering above the status quo so we build partnerships that challenge and assist us in our pursuit for better outcomes for our clients. Internally we know that knowledge sharing and working together is the best way to succeed and we extend this out to our valued partners and clients to exponentially grow the impact that we can have.

  • Advocate & Build

    Exceed expectations & build client advocacy through positive client engagement. 


    Client advocacy is more than client satisfaction, it is when a client will actively recommend you to others and open new doors because they feel so strongly about the experience we provide.

    An advocate is our goal in every interaction. We know our value and we want our customers to experience this value to its full extent. This can only be done if our clients trust us and trust can only be earnt through repetitive positive engagements.

    We sweat the small stuff, so our clients trust us with the big stuff.


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